4 Things About NH Dental Insurance

December 25, 2018

In the realm of personal health, most people associate their wellbeing with their body. Of course, there are multiple facets to what makes up a healthy person. One aspect of health that people tend to overlook is their oral health. The teeth are one of the first things people notice during introductions. It plays a huge factor in how the world sees you. Good teeth are a combined factor of personal diligence and opportunity. Not all people have the same advantages growing up and their teeth can pay the price. When you’re looking into health insurance in New Hampshire, remember to also keep these factors about dental insurance in mind.

Preventative Care is Usually Included

Nine out of ten dentists would recommend a dentist appointment for a checkup every six months. Even if you only go once a year, these visits can add up. When your checkup includes x-rays, cleaning, and visual assessment, you’re spending around $200 per visit. Depending on your provider, 60% to 100% of that cost will be covered.

Restorative Care is Vital

There are two types of restorative care. There is the basic and the major, depending on the effect had on your teeth and overall health. Procedures such as fillings, re-cementing of crowns, and extractions can cost up to $400 a tooth. Dental insurance will cover approximately 80% of that amount.

Major Restorative Care is Partially-Covered

Health insurance in New Hampshire comes in handy from minor medical attention like physicals, to major surgery. The same goes for dental insurance. Root canals, bridges, crowns and implants are common dental surgeries that you may experience once or twice in your life. Each of these can cost more than $2000. With dental insurance, half of that cost will be covered.

Know if Corrective Services are Included

The one catch with dental insurance is corrective services. Sadly, orthodontia work like braces are not included in most every insurance policy. You can find policies that include orthodontia, but the prices may be a few dollars more per month. Still, when a dental insurance plan does cover orthodontia, the overall price can be cut by up to 50%.

If you make health insurance in New Hampshire a priority, you should do the same for dental insurance. Your oral health can have effects on your overall well being. Since dental work can add up quickly, the best way to mitigate these costs is to enroll in an insurance policy. For information, contact Brownell Financial at 1-603-437-1992 or visit us online.