August is National Wellness Month!

August 1, 2021

Investing in your wellness and health is always a good thing. But, sometimes, it can feel like maintaining the ideal healthy lifestyle is impossible with everything else that goes on in our lives. For many people, not having health insurance or medicare coverage in NH can be holding them back. But, it’s never too late to start your wellness journey!


What’s an easy first step? Talk to the professionals at Brownell Financial! We can educate and work with you on understanding health insurance and Medicare in NH. Then, you can start working on self-care and healthy routines once the stress about health plans is relieved! Now, let’s talk about some easy, everyday changes to improve your wellness this August.



Health versus Wellness


Health and wellness are often paired or even used synonymously. But the reality is that they have two different meanings! Health usually refers to a preferred state of being, such as a physical or mental state. So, improving your health means that you are working to lose weight, improve blood pressure, or eating less processed foods.


On the other hand, wellness is the term for living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Thus, it goes beyond just physical health. Wellness involves creating new habits that promote a more comfortable and better mental feeling of well-being. Self-care and appreciation is the first step in beginning the wellness journey.


Three Easy Wellness Tips 


Water: First off, let’s talk water. Many Americans are not drinking enough water or fluids for proper function in their bodies. Every cell and organ needs ample amounts of water to perform! After all, our bodies are composed of 60 percent water.


Stairs: Another easy way to get a little more movement each day? Take the stairs! Opting for a few extra flights of stairs rather than taking the elevator is an easy way to exercise without worrying about the gym.


Sunlight: One of the essential nutrients for your health is vitamin sun! Wait, vitamin D. The afternoon sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, which is beneficial for your overall health and wellness. So, spend some time outdoors or sit by an open window for fresh air.


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Health, wellness, health insurance, and Medicare in NH are all parts of a whole. Together, you’ll be prepared and ready for anything that comes your way. For more information about Medicare or insurance, contact the experts at Brownell Financial at (603) 437-1992 or visit us online.