Upcoming Changes to NH Medicare Plans in 2022

January 1, 2022

With the New Year comes new changes to NH Medicare plans. Because we are a professional team committed to our clients, Brownell Financial is highlighting those changes in a simple to read, simple to follow article. Here, our experts discuss some of the significant changes that may be affecting you and your insurance plan in 2022.


Cost Changes

One of the most significant changes we found when looking into the Medicare changes set to take place this year is the cost differences. Here are some of the fundamental changes to take note of: 


  • Most seniors do not pay a premium for Part A (They worked more than 40 quarters)  but those who have worked less than 30 quarters, their premiums will go to $499 in 2022 from $471 a month in 2021. If you worked 30 to 39 quarters you will pay $274/ month for Part A up from $259/ month.
  • The average premium for Medicare Advantage plans will be approximately $3 lower than last year. The average will go from $21.22 to $19 per month.
  • Medicare Plan B costs, however, will increase. The deductible will be shifting from $203 to $233, and the premium will also be taking a $21.60 increase from $148.50 to $170.10. This is one of the highest increases in decades.
  • Part D coverage will also see an increase of $1.53. The amount for coverage in 2021 was $31.47. The new monthly cost increases to $33 per month.

Other Changes

  • The inpatient hospital deductible of Part A is increasing to $1556 in 2022 for each benefit period from $1484 in 2021.
  • Medicare will cover many services needed for COVID-19 plus at no charge: 
    • Vaccines, all doses and boosters
    • Diagnostic testing for COVID-19
    • Antibody tests to check for immune Response
    • Monoclonal antibody treatments


Why the Changes? 

Each year, the Social Security Act decides Medicare plan premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance rates. We have found some of the reasons that may have been taken into consideration while making this choice are:


  • Rising prices across the healthcare system. These higher costs play a part in driving higher premiums every year alongside increases in the intensity of care provided.
  • Additional contingency reserves due to the uncertainty of using the drug AduhelmTM, prescribed to those with Alzheimer’s. Since the process is still underway for the drug, there has been talk of Aduhelm and similar drugs to be included, while the coverage outcome is unknown. 
  • Congressional action to lower the premium of Medicare Plan B. In 2021, there were plans to reduce the increase of the premium, which resulted in an increase of $3.00 coverage in the plan.


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