Do You Need Dental Insurance?

September 10, 2018

Insurance is a complicated world of health care and coverage. However, the world without insurance gets infinitely more complicated. There are three major types of insurance to cover the different aspects of human health that you can get with individual or group health insurance. There’s health insurance to cover the well-being of your body. Then there’s vision insurance to protect your eyesight. One essential protection you don’t want to go without is dental insurance. For some odd reason, this is the insurance too many Americans are willing to overlook. Your teeth contribute to your overall health. Here are five reasons you need dental insurance.

Save Money

By enrolling in dental insurance, you lower the amount of money you pay when you go to the dentist. While you may still have to pay a certain amount at the office, dental insurance lowers how much you pay significantly. This comes in handy if there’s ever an issue with your teeth that will require multiple appointments such as cavities, crowns or braces.



Dentists recommend scheduling and showing up for an appointment twice a year. If you have a health condition, such as diabetes you might need to go for cleanings quarterly. When you don’t have dental insurance, it can be intimidating going to the dentist because you know it’ll cost significant money. Still, going too long without a checkup can ruin your teeth and gums. Group health insurance like dental insurance gives you the peace of mind it takes to remain healthy.

Holistic Health

Teeth contribute to your overall health in a variety of ways. Teeth are bones. If they begin to rot from lack of care, you’re exposing your body to harmful factors. As teeth rot, they fall out which leaves spaces in your gums. With spaces left unfilled, your remaining teeth can shift, get infected, or throw off your jaw. This can also affect your posture among other many other health conditions.


No matter how careful you are in taking care of your teeth, accidents can happen. You never know when you’ll miss a step on the sidewalk and crack a tooth on the pavement. Other dental emergencies can include a root canal or wisdom teeth hitting the nerves in your face. When these events occur, you’ll want to get to the dentist as fast as possible and your bank account may not be able to pay for the incident.

Previous Dental Work

Chances are you’ve been to the dentist growing up. During that time, there’s a high possibility you’ve had a cavity filled or braces on your teeth. As you get older, there will be many changes in your dental work. Over the years, previous dental work may shift and require a second look or correcting. Having dental insurance allows you to keep on top of your oral health.


With reasons like these, it’s clear every American needs dental insurance either individually or with your group coverages. At Brownell Financial, health division of part of Brownell Insurance you can find an individual or group dental insurance policy that works best for you. Contact Brownell Financial today at 603.437.1992 or visit them online @