Medicare NH: Sen. Shaheen Reintroduces Medicare at 50 Bill

May 1, 2021

Sometimes finding health coverage can be difficult and expensive. Almost 30% of adults near retirement are unsure if they will afford health insurance in the next year. There are options out there, but many Americans approaching retirement or forced to retire early can struggle with rising costs. The Medicare at 50 Act was reintroduced to the Senate last month in a press release. Here at Brownell Financial Group, we understand that Medicare NH options can be hard to navigate. Additionally, we’re here to help plan your future and determine the best health insurance option for you.


What is Medicare NH currently?


Currently, Medicare is a government-mandated health insurance program for people 65 and older or under other special circumstances. There are four different types or parts of the Medicare Package (A, B, C, or D). Brownell Financial Group is open to educating the public on their options to find out which Medicare plan is suitable for their requirements and lifestyle.


What would Medicare at 50 do for NH residents?


Medicare at 50 would give people the option to buy into Medicare starting at 50 years old. Furthermore, this expansion to Medicare would potentially lower costs as it reinforces the current program! In her press release regarding the bill, Senator Shaheen said, “Health care should be a right, not a privilege, and I’ll continue working in the Senate to ensure quality health care is within reach for every family in the Granite State.” So, Medicare NH would be accessible to people who opt to buy into Medicare, providing access to health insurance for early retirees.


Brownell Financial Services: We can help with your questions about Medicare in NH.


We want to educate the community about all of their healthcare options! Brownell Financial Services offers a comprehensive guide on financial services regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and group health insurance. We always analyze and provide the best options that suit our client’s needs! Our extensive knowledge of Medicare NH and other insurance will help us answer any questions you have regarding your healthcare policies.


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