3 Ways to Make Your Pool Summer Ready & Safe!

July 2, 2022

As a homeowner with a pool, you may often wonder if your pool is safe. Because you are liable for any accidents that occur on your property, taking the proper precautions is a must with pool safety. Besides, your NH homeowners insurance policy probably requires it!


Here, our professionals at Brownell provide you with three of the best ways to ensure your pool is ready for the summer months ahead!

  • Be sure to have safety apparatus in place around your pool area.

Depending on the pool and its location, there are several ways to prevent accidental falls into the pool For instance, inground pools should have a fence with self latching or locked access to the pool area. For above ground pools, removable ladders or locked gates onto a deck are a must. If your pool is accessed by a ladder that you remove when not in use, be sure to keep it at a safe distance from the pool. 

A pool area should never be wide open – and your insurance policy will tell you the same. 

  • Keep children first in mind.

We’ve all heard the warnings, but the statistics of children left unattended in pools is alarming. Regardless of age or swimming ability, it’s imperative that you always keep a close eye on children while they are swimming. Likewise, avoiding leaving behind temptations that may lure them closer to the water. After swimming, be sure to remove any floats or other pool toys that little ones may try to reach for.

  • A clean pool is the safest kind of pool.

While you may not think keeping a clean pool falls under pool safety, we’re here to enlighten you! A dirty pool can harbor germs and bacterias that could lead to infections or disease. With frequent water testing and proper treatment, you can have peace of mind that your water is safe to swim in! If you’re not sure about proper testing requirements, check out this article from the Centers for Disease Control.


When it comes to summer safety tips, our team at Brownell Insurance Center has your best interests covered! Beyond advice, we provide among the top NH homeowner insurance options in the state. Contact us today at 603-437-1992 to discuss coverage needs and receive your quote!

We look forward to making your summer a safe and enjoyable one!