Does NH Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Upcoming Remodel?

April 1, 2022

With the spring season officially here, many New England homeowners are excited to jump into long thought out and planned remodeling projects. However, with all of the details that require attending, one imperative element is often overlooked – NH homeowners insurance. 


At Brownell Insurance Center, our team of experienced professionals takes pride in educating our customers. With this in mind, we are discussing everything you need to know, need to consider, and why you should always keep your homeowners insurance in mind when tackling a residential remodel. 


Planning Ahead

One of the first pieces to any remodeling project starts with a plan. From planning the initial concept to budgeting, scheduling contractors, purchasing materials, and creating timelines, having a solid plan in place is a must. However, in addition to the most commonly thought of factors, contacting your insurance agent should also make it onto the plan.


Contacting Your Insurance Agent

Yes, contacting your homeowners’ agent should be part of the plan! Now, chances are, you’re wondering why you should reach out to your insurance agent when remodeling. Well, let us first say that most remodels are covered under an NH homeowners policy. However, depending on the individual policy, the amount of coverage in place may not be sufficient. Thus, a phone call before the project begins becomes an imperative part of the process.


There are a few aspects to the coverage concern:
  • First, and most importantly, is that most renovations increase the value of your home. Suppose your homeowners covers a specific amount, let’s say $350,000 – but after the renovation, your home may be valued at $400,000. In such instances, the property is underinsured, leaving the potential for monetary loss to the property owner.
  • The second aspect of insurance coverage involves liability limits. Whenever someone is on your property, you ultimately are responsible for their well-being. When hiring contractors, it is imperative that they be insured and licensed, but it is equally important that your homeowners’ policy have sufficient liability coverage should an accident occur.


Umbrella Policies

Depending on the type of renovation, inquiring about an additional umbrella policy may also be in your best interest. For instance, renovations that include space for personal collections, additions such as pools or hot tubs, and even remodels that allow for in-law or rental property all require additional coverage. Although it may seem unnecessary at the time, additional coverage can save thousands of dollars in liability damage should something happen.


For additional information on the various types of NH homeowners insurance and the policies within, please visit Brownell Insurance Center. For decades, our family has helped hundreds of local families protect their investments. Call us today at 603-437-1992 to further discuss your current policy, the remodeling details, and explore coverage options that best fit your needs.