Open Enrollment is Underway, Medicare Seminars can help!

November 15, 2019

With Medicare enrollment underway, it’s imperative to understand your options for coverage in the upcoming year. Here at Brownell Financial, we have a team of dedicated experts that are here to help you understand those options. From Medicare seminars to one on one consultations, our team will provide you with the detail you need to make the right choice.


Different plans

The one thing that most people are aware of is that there are various plans available under Medicare. The confusing element is choosing the right plan that is best for you.

Original Medicare

During a Medicare seminar, you’ll learn the main differences between Medicare Part A and Part B. Part A refers to hospital insurance, which will assist in inpatient care and hospital stays. Whereas Part B assists with preventative services, medical supplies, and doctor visits.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Often referred to as Part C, Medicare Advantage includes both Part A and Part B. Although this option sounds like the way to go, it is not suitable for everyone. Taking into account coverage needs, costs, and supplemental coverage provided elsewhere are all considerations under Part C.


Prescription drug coverage

Another aspect of Medicare coverage is Part D or prescription drug coverage. Available to all New Hampshire residents that are enrolled is a Medicare cost plan, Part D will help to offset prescription costs that may not be otherwise covered.


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Supplemental coverage

Depending on which type of coverage you choose, supplemental coverage can help offset costs, such as deductibles. One of the most popular options for supplemental coverage is Medigap. This policy can help cover some health care costs that Original Medicare doesn’t.


Additional options

Beyond Original Medicare, there may be other coverage options for you. During a Medicare seminar you’ll be provided with information that may help you save money through other choices if you have limited income and resources.


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Open enrollment ends December 7, 2019. If you’re uncertain about what plan is best for you, contact the team at Brownell Financial for information on attending one of our Medicare seminars. View our events online or contact our team at (603) 437-1992 for more information.