Prescription Drug Coverage under Medicare in New Hampshire

September 15, 2019

If you’re a New Hampshire resident nearing the point of Medicare eligibility, there are probably an overwhelming amount of questions circling your thoughts. Here at Brownell Financial, our team of experts can help you with the answers. With several aspects to consider, Medicare offers four different types of coverage. This article will discuss prescription drug coverage with Medicare in New Hampshire, otherwise known as Medicare Part D.


Who is Eligible?

Medicare offers prescription drug coverage for everyone with Medicare in New Hampshire. However, you must join a Medicare Cost Plan before being able to access Part D. The second option is to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plan, which includes the cost of prescription drug coverage.


What are Medicare Advantage Plans?

With a variety of options, this section will give you a brief overview of what may be available. It’s always best to consult with our team of experts before deciding which route may best suit your needs.

  • PPO Plan – This type of plan will offer you a network of providers under the Medicare umbrella. If you choose to stay within the umbrella, you will pay less out of pocket.
  • HMO Plan – Under an HMO, you must stay within the network.
  • PFFS Plan – This plan will provide you the freedom to visit any provider you choose.
  • MSA Plan – A MSA is a medical savings account. Funds are placed into an account to be used only for medical expenses. This will help to offset the cost of high deductibles.


Do My Benefits Change?

When opting into a plan that provides prescription drug coverage, your benefits may change annually. Each year, you will receive a notification that explains the changes with what is covered and how much it will cost you out of pocket. You can expect to see this notice in the fall, allowing you to change your coverage options if you choose, during open enrollment.


What Can I Expect After I Enroll?

Once your enrolled is approved, you will receive your membership card and handbook. This handbook will provide you the information you need on which drugs are covered, which pharmacies you can utilize, and other information about membership.


For more information on Medicare Part D, contact us at 603.437.1992. Here at Brownell Financial, we aim to educate the community on their options concerning New Hampshire Medicare. Call us today and leave the stress behind!