Medicare Seminars: Understanding Your Choices

May 15, 2020

When we’re young, we are always looking forward. Turning double digits, getting your license, graduating college, buying your first home, marriage, children, and so on. There’s always the “next” to keep you going. However, what many of us overlook is insurance after retirement. Medicare seminars are one of the best ways to keep you educated on the many options available.


Insurance is multi-faceted

One element that everybody should know is that their insurance policy is multi-faceted. However, this fact isn’t just referring to the difference between your life insurance and your health insurance. Within your health insurance policy, different areas cover surgery, prescriptions, check-ups, and other medical occurrences. By attending Medicare seminars, you’re ensuring you know all the essential aspects of your coverage.


Different policies have different coverages

Just like people, no two insurance policies are the same. Tailoring your insurance policy to fit your individual needs instead of hoping for a “one-size fits all” plan, is quite beneficial. As an added cost to a lifestyle on a budget, it’s great to get what you pay for, and only get what you need!


Not all payments are the same

To many people, insurance means one thing: spending a lot of money. The world revolves around money, and sometimes it feels like the medical industry is one of the most significant expenses. While some insurance policies have deductibles, others do not. Keeping track of your coverage and expectations is crucial in avoiding costly surprises.


Medicare seminars will help

When entering into the years of Medicare, the choices and information can be overwhelming. That is why our team at Brownell is here to help unravel and explain (in human terms) the inner workings of the many options you are faced with. From Part A to Part D, deductibles to annual renewals, you’ll leave the seminar with a full understanding to face these choices when the time arrives.


If you can’t answer questions like “Is my prescription covered by insurance” or “Do I have a copay at my next doctor’s appointment,” it’s time to learn a little more about your insurance policy. For Medicare seminars in your area, contact Brownell Financial at 603-437-1992 or visit us online.