Top 3 Benefits of Medicare Seminars

March 13, 2020

Regardless of the time of year, knowing your options for Medicare is crucial. Since the world of insurance can be a tricky one to navigate, it’s best to fully understand Medicare before enrolling or changing your current coverages. One of the best ways to obtain this information is to attend Medicare seminars!

Did you know, Medicare is available only to beneficiaries who are age 65 and older or disabled? Or to those who have collected Social Security benefits for at least two years. Chances are, you’ll have a lot of questions about your qualifications and insurance needs. That’s why attending a Medicare seminar with Brownell Financial will help you navigate the uncertain waters of Medicare. Three benefits to you for attending our Medicare seminars are:



These seminars are designed to be as convenient as possible for those attending. They break down the facts you need to know when considering your coverage options. We will discuss the four different parts of Medicare, and how these parts will best benefit you. Furthermore, by attending a seminar, you’ll be able to ask questions as they arise.  As an added benefit, you’ll receive valuable handouts that simplify your Medicare experience. This information will give you the confidence that you deserve to make these critical choices.


With decades of industry experience, Brownell Financial is a team of experienced experts. We are considered experts not only in the complexities of Medicare, but also in our approach to helping people. Through detailed presentations, we will clarify the many facets of securing optimum health coverage. Best of all, these seminars are free of charge. Planning for your future, and knowing your protected is priceless.



These seminars will not only inform you about Medicare benefits, but you will also begin to understand your options. Each individual has unique insurance needs.  We’ll help you understand the many parts of Medicare to enable your selection process to be successful. However, it’s not just our team that you’ll have access to, but also to a line of expert speakers. From social security benefits to proper coverage, Brownell Financial will make sure you’re getting the most from your policy.  Let us help you discover your pathway to excellent health insurance coverage.


Original Medicare covers only 80% of your eligible health costs. Thus, having confidence in your coverage when health needs arise is critical. Attending Medicare seminars with Brownell Financial is the first step in protecting your assets. To secure proper health care, contact our team today at 603.437.1992.