What to Expect From a Medicare Seminar

July 15, 2019

Choosing the right Medicare program can be an overwhelming experience.  Knowing which coverage is right for you, and understanding your options is imperative to obtaining the coverage you deserve.  Equally as important is knowing when to enroll, or how to review your current coverage.  Chances are, you’ll have a lot of questions about your qualifications and insurance needs.  Thus, attending a Medicare seminar with Brownell Financial can help provide you with a better understanding of the Medicare world ahead.


The Facts

Medicare seminars are designed to provide you with the facts in the most straightforward manner possible.  These educational seminars will review the four different parts of Medicare and how they may benefit you. Another added benefit of attending a seminar is the ability to have face-to-face interaction with a professional expert.  Enabling you the opportunity to ask questions, you can leave with confidence knowing you have a better comprehension of Medicare.  However, if questions arise once you’re home, the handouts you’ll receive provide the added information you seek.



With over thirty years of industry experience, the team at Brownell Financial are experts in helping people unravel the complexities of Medicare.  We make sure our seminars are filled with detailed, yet easy to follow, presentations that will help clarify your options.  We take great pride in sharing our expertise of the industry with you in a simplified easy to follow manner.  Further, we are happy to offer these seminars free of charge ensuring that the information is available to all.



Since the world of insurance is continually changing, it’s essential to fully understand what coverage is available to you. For example, Medicare is available to those age 65 and older, or disabled beneficiaries who have collected Social Security benefits for at least two years. Since every person is unique, situations can be different.  By having access to an industry expert, you obtain the guidance you may need to find the insurance policy that is best for your specific health needs. 


Whether you’re 65 and planning retirement or planning to continue work, Medicare will only cover 80% of your eligible health costs.  Thus, 20% is left on your shoulders.  Being sure you’re covered when health care is needed is an essential part of life.  By attending one of Brownell Financials’ Medicare seminars, you will be guided not only on when and how to enroll, but how to determine the proper coverage.  You will also be provided information on supplemental options, and how they can offset that 20% of uncovered services.   For more information, contact us at (603) 437.1992 or visit us online at https://brownellfinanc.wpengine.com/.