When Do You Sign Up For Medicare In New Hampshire?

September 1, 2021

Are you turning 65 soon and confused about how to sign up for Medicare in New Hampshire? No worries. The professionals at Brownell Financial can help you. There’s a lot of information to uncover when it comes to Medicare, so our goal is to make sure you understand everything you need to know! Here are some of the most important questions we receive often.


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Is Medicare mandatory at age 65?


So, is it mandatory to sign up for Medicare at age 65? Yes and no. It depends on your circumstances. If you don’t sign up for Medicare and you’re required to, it could lead to penalty fees. That’s the last thing you want! So, if you’re retired or retiring at 65, yes, you will most likely need to sign up.


Furthermore, if you don’t plan to retire at 65 but work for a company with less than 20 employees, you also may still be required to sign up for Medicare. If it’s a larger company with credible coverage plans, you may be able to delay signing up with Medicare. These are all individual circumstances that Brownell Financial can help you understand and figure out.


How do I sign up for Medicare in New Hampshire?


Medicare functions with an Initial 7-month Enrollment Period. You first become eligible to sign up for Medicare during the three months prior to turning 65 and the three months after turning 65. So, in total, that’s 7 months to join Medicare Part A and Part B, or the Medicare Advantage Plan.


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What are the different Medicare coverages?


There are a variety of different Medicare coverage options that you may be eligible for. There are four different parts that are commonly available for people 65 and older, or those eligible for Medicare due to disabilities or other medical conditions. They are as follows:


Part A provides inpatient or hospital coverage.


Part B provides outpatient or basic medical coverage.


Part C offers an alternate way to receive your Medicare benefits.


Part D provides prescription drug coverage.


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Medicare in New Hampshire Coverages


For more information on each of these policies as well as other options, talk to the professionals. Contact Brownell Financial Services Group today by calling (603) 437-1992.